Emilio Minutella, born in Castelbuono (Palermo) in 1949, has always been a photographer.

When he finished to study at the Arts school of Cefal, he devoted himself to photography. 

Since he was a student he used to spend his nights inside his locked darkroom, trying

to print his first black and white photos, perfecting a peculiar technique.

He soon realised what he wanted to be.

In 1969, when he was a draftee, he didnt give up his activity and, as he showed

his ability and competence as a portrayer, and his discretion and alertness in official

ceremonies, he was posted to the Army photographic work rooms,

where he managed to perfect his techniques of shooting and printing successfully.

When he finished the national service, he opened his own studio in Castelbuono and he started an unrelenting career as a versatile photographer.

He specialised in formal photos, taken on the occasion of ceremonies, for which alertness, discretion and intuition are especially needed. In fact an official ceremony is unique and a photographer has to be ready for any eventuality and any sudden change of plans. This makes all the difference!

He shifts from advertising photos to photo-reportages with self-assurance, but his specialities are, without any doubt, portraits and formal photos.

During more than thirty years of activity he managed to perfect a unique photographic technique: each photo is the result of hard study and experience.

He has always chosen his equipment very carefully, for his shoots he has always used Hasselblad cameras.

Hes one of the few photographers who print their photos by themselves.

Since 1980 hes been working with colour photographs, particularly taking care of colours harmony, to get photos that accurately reflect the colours and the lights of the setting where they have been taken.

Moreover Emilio carries out his photographic services by himself, with the only help of an assistant for the equipment.

Since 1974, because of the increasing request, he started to make home movies for weddings. He knows that this work needs a good framing technique, a correct use of lights, but it also needs creativeness and being on the move, and he has got all these gifts. Thats why his work is always top-quality.

For his activity hes supported by an assistant whos been trained at his own school, for this reason they work very successfully in tandem.


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